The Redmond Reporter awarded us Best Salon in Redmond 2016!

Thanks for your support!

To reserve an appointment, please use the schedule now button:

Online scheduling

– Select from a 140+ item service menu
– Communicate directly with your stylist and pick your time/date
– Create reservations up to One Month in advance
– Re-schedule at a click of a button or set as recurring.
– Our system will notify you by email 24/4 hours prior to your appointment

October Online promo:  Choose this link for October discount

15% off :  Manicure, Pedicure, Manicure/Pedicure combination, and our Routine 1 hour or 2 hour combo service!

  • Our “Routine” is where we combine several services in one appointment, starting with a Haircut, Manicure and Pedicure, geared to one time a month


Gift Certificates

We hope to keep you, your friends and family looking great!

Whether thinking of a Holiday, Birthday or Special Event, if you’re looking for a great gift idea, we offer ‘TheGiftcardCafe’ based certificates.

Our promo is 15% off for every 100.00 value gift certificate.

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General information and Salon Policy

Our Location in Redmond is 7987 Leary Way NE, Redmond, WA 98052 Direction 

If you’re in Redmond find Leary way, go north past Redmond way, we’re on the left at the end of the street right across from Feedco burger and North of Redmond Bar and Grill.

Hours of operation:

Monday through Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Sunday 10am – 5pm

*Afterhours service is available, please scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. 

Whether you are coming in on your own, with a friend or your family, our goal is to offer easily accessible professional services at a reasonable price that fits your schedule.

As a courtesy we offer Crystal filtered water, French Press coffee, Hot Chocolate (and mini marshmallows), as well as multiple teas both caffeinated and Herbal.

The music is always on.. We have a new Sony Digital theatre sound system and LED TV, which also does Movies through Amazon and Netflix.  This sound system will do NFC or Bluetooth mirroring – so if you have a song or playlist you wish to share, please do!


Walk-ins are certainly welcome, but reservations made with our online booking service or by phone take priority for us.

We have a booking online system covering all our services and availability, its a snap to use!

If you need assistance with setting an Appointment, or discuss our services during business hours please E-mail us or you can also call us at (425) 882-8030, press 1!

When coming in for your appointment, please do be punctual or be willing to cut the appointment short.

We do recognize that modern day to day life is hectic and will certainly work with you under discretion.

If you need to reschedule, use the booking online system to administrate your appointment, communicate with staff as appropriate.  You can also email

Electronic devices

This is a Salon, right?  We hope you are here for a little pampering and here to relax.  Yes duty calls but… you’re supposed to be relaxing right?

If you must have a phone call, please be respectful of others with electronic devices, Thanks!

Your Comfort and Happiness

We do our best to create a positive friendly and home away from home feel.

We hope you will communicate while receiving service so our staff can assure your happiness and comfort.


Our Salon is secure, peaceful and a happy place to be.

We do not subscribe to anger, intolerance or violence.

While we have never had an issue, we are not responsible for your possessions.

If the kids are acting up, we do happen to have a room called “The dungeon”,  Let em know 🙂

We respect all walks of life, creed, religion, ethnicity and gender.

We do provide a range of services which are personal and our goal is to assure your relaxation and peace of mind.

We do reserve the right to cancel the appointment in such situations which risk the comfort of our staff or our patrons.

Groupon or other Promotional deals:

Our Groupon promotional deals do not cover Shellac removal.  If you need removal please find “Women’s Shellac removal hands, feet” which is found under the women service menu.

We offer discounts through Groupon intended to be scheduled for Non-peak hours, anytime, Monday through Friday.  If you wish to schedule during the weekend, we would charge regular price, taking into mind value of groupon paid voucher.


We measure our relationship by your happiness with the service that we provide.

Our staff comes to work with heart and we hope that shows in our work because you are the biggest part of that.

We are dedicated to being here, and providing you excellent service.

If you come in for Groupon or other special please consider your tip with the standard price of your service in mind.

Emergencies happen!

As with life, some unexpected things happen where “business hours” just won’t do. 

Whether bad news, a crappy day, flash business trip, a hair disaster or just need some pampering let us help you regain composure, and snap back to it!

E-mail us or call 425-443-5302 for a downright emergency.

On call is under discretion of our staff and we will do our best to meet your needs!

A $25 fee will be added to any service item for off hours service.  Yes, we are offering opening our shop outside of our hours, coming in early or staying late!

These things are what make us – Different.

Hope we see you soon!

Allure Spa Salon Staff

Thuy, Thu, and Tinh.