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We use “Schedulicity” as our Booking online system which gives you open access to our schedule and the ability to Book, Rebook, or Re-schedule appointments anytime.   


There are TWO ways to view our services menu and set your appointment. 

  • USE THE SCHEDULE NOW BUTTON,  to see  our weekly promotions and book appointments:

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For the Guys – We take extra care for the shaping and buffing of your nails, removing callused thick skin, trimming cuticles, then finishing with an oil, lotion and hot stone massage.. The Pedicure involves a massage chair and jetted hot tub for your feet. 0_o

For the Ladies – We don’t cut any corners unless its to achieve the shape you ask for, did you know we can take your Mani/Pedi up a notch or two with a selection of over 1000 Colors!? Yep! Between our 800+ Polish colors and 200 Shellac colors + We also do Nail art!

Our January special applies to any Manicure, Pedicure, Pedi/Mani Combo, or even our Haircut-Mani-Pedi session known as ROUTINE.

Step to your new years resolutions with our Routine, it is a Haircut, Manicure, and Pedicure to help you look and feel great. It comes in either a 1 hour, or 2 hour multi-service session with the works. 

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General information, Salon Policy, Aftercare

Our Location in Redmond is 7987 Leary Way NE, Redmond, WA 98052 Direction 

If you’re in Redmond find Leary way, go north past Redmond way, we’re on the left at the end of the street right across from Feedco burger and North of Redmond Bar and Grill.

Hours of operation:

Monday through Friday: 10am – 7pm

Weekends:  **No Groupon or discounted appointments for Weekends or Holidays unless specified. 

Saturday: 10am – 7pm

Sunday 10am – 5pm

Whether you are coming in on your own, with a friend or your family, our goal is to offer easily accessible professional services at a reasonable price that fits your schedule.

First to consider, if you are pregnant, or you have never had services or are not sure if our services are right for you it is wise to consult your doctor if you have any health concerns, or allergies.

We are happy to work with you for any allergies or sensitivities so, please notify our staff before obtaining services!

We use professional beauty supply not available through standard retail outlets.  If you have any questions about products or processes , please email us.

If you are coming in for either a Manicure, Pedicure, Facial, Shaving or Waxing, please review our Aftercare section below for optimal results.


Walk-ins are certainly welcome, but reservations made with our online booking service or by phone take priority for us.

We have a booking online system covering all our services and shows our availability, its a snap to use from any device.

If you need assistance with setting an Appointment, or discuss our services during business hours please E-mail us or you can also call us at (425) 882-8030, press 1!

When coming in for your appointment, please do be punctual or be willing to cut the appointment short.

If you need to reschedule, use the booking online system to administrate your appointment, communicate with staff as appropriate.  You can also email Allurehairpro@gmail.com.

No call, Now show policy – 12 hours notice:  

We respect your time, and expect the same in return!

We will charge you for the missed appointment or claim a prepaid service as a fee prior to future appointments.  

We do recognize that modern day to day life is hectic and will certainly work with you under discretion.

If you feel you can’t make the appointment for any reason, please reschedule your appointment on the booking online system, or Call, or email us

Your visit:

As a courtesy we offer Crystal filtered water, French Press coffee, Hot Chocolate (and mini marshmallows), as well as multiple teas both caffeinated and Herbal.

If your service is longer than an hour, we offer a complimentary glass of wine.

The music is always on.. We have a Sony Digital theatre sound system and LED TV, which also does Movies through Amazon and Netflix.  This sound system will do NFC or Bluetooth mirroring – so if you have a song or playlist you wish to share, please do!

Electronic devices

This is a Salon, we hope you are here for a little pampering and here to relax.  Yes duty calls but… you’re supposed to be relaxing right?

If you must have a phone call, please be respectful of others with electronic devices, making calls after your service, Thanks!

Your Comfort and Happiness

We do our best to create a positive friendly and home away from home feel.

We hope you will communicate while receiving service so our staff can assure your happiness and comfort.

Our Salon is peaceful and a happy place to be.

We do not subscribe to anger, intolerance or violence.

While we have never had an issue, we are not responsible for your possessions!

We respect all walks of life, creed, religion, ethnicity and gender.

We do provide a range of services which are personal and our goal is to assure your relaxation and peace of mind.

We do reserve the right to cancel the appointment in such situations which risk the comfort of our staff or our patrons.

New customer discount, Groupon or other promotional offers: 

Our 25% off new customer discount can be used twice per year.

Our promotional offers through Groupon are intended to be scheduled for Monday through Friday, excludes Weekend and holidays.

One Groupon per customer every 3 months.   Limit 1 per person, may buy 1 additional as gift.

If you wish to schedule a Groupon service during the weekend or holiday,  we will apply discounted value paid,  toward regular price for service.

Promotions do not cover Shellac removal unless we put it on.

If this is your first time here, if you need shellac removal please find “Women’s Shellac removal hands, feet” which is found under the women service menu.


We measure our relationship by your happiness with the service that we provide.

Our staff comes to work with heart and we hope that shows in our work because you are the biggest part of that.

We are dedicated to being here, and providing you excellent service!

After-hours: Emergencies happen!

As with life, some unexpected things happen where “business hours” just won’t do. 

Whether bad news, a crappy day, flash business trip, a hair disaster or just need some pampering let us help you regain composure, and snap back to it!

Yes we’ve been here at 5am, and as late as Midnight!

E-mail us or call 425-443-5302 for a downright emergency.

On call is under discretion of our staff and we will do our best to meet your needs!

A $25 fee will be added to any service item for off hours service.  Yes, we are offering opening our shop outside of our hours, coming in early or staying late!


There are services we can do away from our salon.  We charge $25 for our time to come to you, and have a $100 minimum for services rendered, perfect for a party!   Please email or call us to set an appointment.

AFTERCARE  is not only for Manicures, Waxing, Facials and Shaving…

Right upfront – obtaining any salon service has some risk and you should be aware of these for yourself – First!

First to consider, if you are pregnant, or you have never had services or are not sure if our services are right for you – it is wise to consult your doctor if you have any health related concerns.

If you have known allergies or sensitivities with certain needs, or plainly have any questions – please notify our staff before obtaining services!

We use professional beauty supply not available through standard retail outlets. If you have any questions about products or processes , please email us.

There are a variety of self help awareness sites that can’t rave enough about everyday care of your body starts with a healthy Diet to widely ranging routines of daily hygiene tactics…

When it comes to obtaining Salon services, less known are the sites that talk about skin maintenance and tips on obtaining service, what services do for you, and what specific aftercare is needed for any given service. Bing or Google is a good resource for information.

If you looking to come in for service and have any questions about the process or aftercare we are happy to give you guidance – email us at Allurehairpro@gmail.com.

As is our skin defends our body through a complex system of layered biological defenses, the results of a healthy Immune system the basics as we know, we grow skin cells, and hair.

Healthy skin nails and hair require diligence, either personal or professional routine maintenance is ideal once a month.

Skin treatments or facials, the process is used by many to norm the skin, by cleaning, toning, buffing and hydrating the skin.  After care is a direct requirement for optimal results.

Manicures/Pedicures – Part of this routine care process sees us trimming nail/cuticle, buffing skin/nails.  After care is a direct requirement for optimal results.

HAIR – The essentials for healthy hair depend on your styling preferences, again varying widely.

Primary aftercare for typical Haircuts are minimal but do allude to regular washing and drying and conditioning.

Color processed hair, specific aftercare and ongoing maintenance is ideal and these will vary so please feel free to ask your stylist for suggestions. *There are risks with hair coloring, always ask if you feel you may be allergic.

Clearly put Haircuts are one thing, but if you come in for a Manicure, Waxing, Facials and Shaving these are in their own category, these processes rough up and interrogate your skin, and if its not directly or clearly stated the direction caution and advice – you are paying for a service which directly challenges your immune barrier, so be aware not taking steps to follow common aftercare steps a lack of attention could lead to discomfort, redness, discoloration, infection or illness if you are not healthy or you do not take attention and employ good aftercare after the service session.

The straight forward of it is that care and a little caution/consideration/planning are all that is typically needed, as with life!

We hope to help you looking and feeling great!

Allure Spa & Salon